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MK Sheffield Skating Blades

Mitchel & King  (MK) Skating Blades - A True Competitive Edge

Mitchel & King skating blades are produced in the United Kingdom by expert craftsmen using only the highest quality materials. Superior hardened steel and state of the art technology create a true competitive edge. Our unwavering attention to detail is reflected in the 52-step manufacturing process which includes six hardening and tempering practices.

Each Mitchel & King skating blade is built according to the highest standards, scientifically hardened and precision-sharpened for optimum skating edge and unparalleled on-ice feel. Surface treatments and coatings ensure a premium quality figure blade skaters can excel on.

Mitchel & King blades - The Choice of Champions

Mitchel & King won its first championship in 1951 and has been worn by national, world and Olympic champions ever since. For the ultimate performance on the ice, count on Mitchel & King Blades.

Mitchel & King Skating Blades are produced by highly trained craftsmen using specially selected Sheffield Steel, all ice skating blades are scientifically hardened to achieve the optimum skating edge. Highly finished and sharpened, MK Blades have enhanced feel and give unsurpassed performance.

Mitchel & King (MK) Skating Blades available:

·         MK Gold Star

·         MK Phantom Special

·         MK Phantom

·         MK Vision

·         MK Professional

·         MK Double Star

·         MK Dance

·         MK Syncro Vision

·         MK Club 2000

·         MK 21


Most skating blade models are available in a Parabolic version.

All Mitchel & King Skating blades except the Revolution are available in GOLD Plating. MK Skating blade sizes come in ¼” increments with a 7 foot radius.


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